Towing and Recovery

We tow cars, trucks, and everything in between.

We provide towing for numerous tow clubs including:
  • AAA
  • CCMC
  • GE Financial
We also tow for:
  • Town of Bethlehem Police Department
  • Rensselaer City Police Department
  • Bethlehem CSD
  • Albany County Sheriffs
  • NY State Troopers
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

We pulled an F-250 out the woods that had gone over a guardrail and down a hill.

    Here is a Volkswagen Beetle that was submerged in a creek. We pulled it out of the water with our Military Wrecker. Click on the link below for the article on

Towing new Ford Trucks

Bethlehem CSD School Bus

Delmar Fire Truck

German RV

Tri-Axle Dump Truck pulling an excavator